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  • August 10th, 2022
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IRate ratings and reviews are only as good as the intent of the Rater/Reviewer. Having good manners can go a long way in helping the community and the viewers of ratings and reviews!

Ratings are a way to express how one feels about something, someone, service, or place. Giving ratings and reviews with good manners and etiquette goes a long way in developing relationships with people. Even a negative ratings or review can be made into constructive feedback that still focuses on the good points and the ways suggested to improve.

What is feedback? First, it consists of affirmative or constructive types. Affirmative feedback gives praise and appreciate from one’s perspective, and is hopefully received as such. Constructive feedback gives suggestions from one’s perspective, and may be received well by the receiver and acted upon. Second, feedback needs two or more people involved. If both parties are willing to give, receive, and discuss ways to accept or act upon, then the feedback may have a chance for success. Lastly, check what the motive is for giving feedback prior to sending. Having bad intentions for giving feedback can lead to negative conflict. offers a model for giving feedback that can be summarized with their info graphic.

What are good manners? Manners vary between society and family but offers 25 good manners ideas to help guide us. Some relevant manners to writing reviews can include keeping negative thoughts to oneself, commenting on someone directly negatively, don’t use foul language, do not bully or make fun of others, and thank others for their help or good suggestion.

At, I’ve compiled useful rating and review tips to help guide one through the writing process. Take a gander here.

Thank you for reading and happy rating!

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